Class: Social Principles of the United Methodist Church

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"Social Principles of the United Methodist Church" is a new 3-week course to be offered in conjunction with our sermon series in May. It will run for three Wednesday nights starting May 3, 7-8:30pm, led by our clergy.

Our Social Principles are a good faith response to what we believe God is already doing in our lives and in the public square. They give clear direction as we try to live into God's gracious love for the world. Our founder John Wesley invested in relationships to people most affected by social inequities, spoke out against all kinds of abuse, and promoted social justice, peace, and responsible living.

We will look at the background to our Social Principles, and the importance of knowing these foundational truths for United Methodists. We will take a close look at six areas covered by the principles: the natural world, and the nurturing, social, economic, political, and world communities.

Join us for this important and lively discussion as we seek to live with integrity and awareness.


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